TOWER is an anthology magazine published in spring and winter on themes of sudden upheaval, abrupt endings, chaos and disaster.

Collecting original and solicited work, TOWER aims to bring together art and writing that is nuanced, uncomfortable, or otherwise has bad vibes. You can read more on what this means to our editors below.

The theme of TOWER VOL. 1 is “END”.


ABOUT: I am a person living in Laois. I have contributed to VERY ONLINE and this is my first editing role. I have a strong interest in poetry and short fiction that experiments in form.
WHY TOWER: Ireland has a strong literary tradition that we are right to be proud of, but can often feel limiting. TOWER aims to make space for writers working in genre fiction, who deal with topics strange and unpleasant. We are seeking writers who won’t fit neatly on a bookmark in an airport gift shop.
RECOMMENDATIONS: Her Body and Other Parties by Carmen Maria Machado, Guest Book by Leann Shapton, Wylding Hall by Elizabeth Hand
SOCIAL MEDIA: @RoisinRadio


ABOUT: I’m a writer from Dublin and the editor of VERY ONLINE, an anthology of art and writing about bad times on the internet.
WHY TOWER: Macho Sluts held as obscenity. “Helicopter Story” hounded as a provocation. Manhunt review-bombed from within and without the trans community. The Committee on Evil Literature. TOWER is a way of taking artists and subject matters that are isolated, derided, transgressive and marginalised and putting them in conversation. Feeling bad, sad, weird and uncomfortable is the goal. We deserve to make and read art that reflects those real human experiences.
RECOMMENDATIONS: “The Empath” by RS Benedict,“Performing Transgender Rage” by Susan Stryker, What Happens Next by Max Graves, Berserk by Kentaro Miura, Sabrina by Nick Drnaso, Wax & Wane by Saoirse Ni Chiaragain, Unspeakable Acts ed. Sarah Weinman
SOCIAL MEDIA: @townmice

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